Week’s weather til 26.7.14

F'castle til 26.7.14

El Niño on track for Spring

Warming of the tropical Pacific Ocean over the past several months primed the climate system for an El Niño in 2014. However, a general lack of atmospheric response over the last month has resulted in some cooling of the tropical Pacific Ocean.

While the majority of climate models suggest El Niño remains likely for the spring of 2014, most have eased their predicted strength. If an El Niño were to occur, it is increasingly unlikely to be a strong event

Re-cycling (3)

Early settlers adapted the humble kerosene tin for many uses.  Some clever ideas include cake tins, biscuit cutters in various designs. Used as a measure a  tin will hold when full – potatoes 28lb – bran 10lb – oats – 20lb, and 4 gallons of milk.  A 1914 magazine provided details on making showers, dish washers, pickled mutton, tin ovens and even a hut built entirely of kerosene tins. To-day antique dealers are always on the look-out for furniture made from packing cases and kerosene tins, especially dressers. Wooden dressers with kerosene drawers are currently valued at between $2,500 – $5,000, depending on size and condition.

Solar Radiation and Energy w/e July 20


Maleny Week’s Weather Forecast

Fcast 19.7.14

Re-cycling (2)

Basic needs of an early Maleny settler that could not be grown on the property were obtained from Landsborough. Hessian sacks of flour and sugar, tea caddies and 4-gallon tins of kerosene were often top of list. Because of the difficult terrain transit of some goods for the property such as tools and machinery were despatched in wooden packing cases. Kerosene lamps were the main source of lighting until the arrival of electricity in 1940   Kerosene tins were delivered in packing cases. Both the tins and packing cases were re-used in a variety of ways.

From the archives

No yellow bins were necessary to the early Maleny settlers. Every thing brought on to the property had a use and nothing was wasted. Necessity provided all the attributes and skills of every member of the family. Evidence of this can be seen in many local museums – and if you want to get a feeling of what life was really like – take a walk round Caboolture Historical village.

June Weather Summary 2014

The winter season began with a high over southern Australia and a trough extending from  Cape York down to NSW. A band of rain over the Ranges precipitated 6.6mm of rain. Total rainfall for the month was 28 mm. This was well below the average for the month which is 108.8 mm. Our previous low rainfall was in 2004 with16.4 mm.The Mean Temperatue for the month was 15.1°C, representing 1.3 degrees above Maleny average. All other Maleny temperatures are tabulated below:-

Maleny June 5-year Statistics 2014

June Summary 2014

Current Synoptic Situation

A trough is currently moving off the east coast south of about Ingham, and will move further offshore today. A strong high over southern Western Australia will extend a strengthening ridge through central Queensland to the west the trough. The high should move only slowly eastwards across southern Australia during the week.

Forecast for the rest of Sunday

Fine and mostly sunny across almost the entire state. Isolated light showers near Torres Strait, and also about the Fraser Coast early in the morning. Early frost over parts of the southern interior. Moderate to fresh southwest to southeasterly winds.