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Local People of Interest

William Hayes

On 22nd December 1879, William Hayes made application to the Commissioner of Lands for a selection at Maleny of 160 acres for a fee of 2/6 an acre (2/6 = 25 cents) equivalent to $40 but a lot more than that in today’s values. Of course, as with any Government contracts ‘conditions apply’ and briefly they were:

Annual rent was to paid by 31st March each year or the property forfeited

Reside on the selection continuously for a period of five years.

Spend at least 10/- ($1) per acre on permanent improvements.

If required by the authorities make provision for a roadway two chains wide through the property.

( 66ft x 2 or 40m)

At end of the 5 year period, and within six months, prove to the Land Commissioner in an open court that all conditions had been adhered to. Failure to do so meant the land and all its improvements revert to Her Majesty. If all conditions were fulfilled the selector was entitled to certificate Deed of Grant on payment of a Deed Fee.

Forecast to 19th December

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Spring (Sept-Oct-Nov) 2014

Spring (Sept-Oct-Nov) 2014

November Climate 2014


November 2014 Climate Summary

The main feature of Maleny’s November weather was the mini-heatwave in the middle of the month when temperatures soared as high as 38.4°C on Sunday 16th This is the highest November temperature ever  recorded at Maleny; the previous November high was in 2009 with 37.8°C.

This year we recorded a mean daily maximum temperature of 27.4°C,which is 2.5 degrees higher than the 12 year mean of 24.9°C

For the eighth month this year our monthly rainfall was well below the 129-year average. Never–the–less  we are grateful for the few showers we have had and count our blessings that we reside on the Blackall Ranges and not the dust-bowls of the drought areas.


On Thursday afternoon 27th November two thunderstorm cells  over Brisbane combined to become a   ‘super-cell thunderstorm’.  Winds created  structural damage to cars and residential properties estimated at over a billion dollars


Supercell thunderstorms are associated with  extremely heavy rain, frequent ‘cloud to ground’ lightning and damaging hail. The intense precipitation often produces flash flooding, and the downdraughts themselves are the source of damaging outflow winds.

November 5-yearClimate

Nov 5yr

WARNING : High Temperature


High Heat Index   45.4*C  THSW.  Maximum Temperature Outdoors 38.4*C.

Previous November record Maximum Temperature was in 2009 with 37.8*C.

Weather Synoptic Situation

A weak ridge of high pressure will extend along the east Queensland coast during the next few days. A slow moving surface trough through the west of the state will shift a little further east to extend from the northwest into the southeastern interior by Tuesday. A coastal trough will also shift north towards far southern Queensland waters late on Tuesday.